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Abaxis analyzers


Actually, these days we could hardly imagine our lifes without any modern technologies. Science has, with its enormous progress, made it possible for many electronic devices to make our business and private lives much easier. Among the most important technological developements are those in medical field, as the use of modern equipment helps save human and animal lives. Although veterinary medicine usually walks a step or two behind human medicine it is utmost important to have modern ambulances equipt with analyzers, which offer essential support and help for reliable diagnostics and therapies.

At FELIVET company we can offer you veterinary blood analyzers made by USA producer Abaxis Inc. The VetScan group consists by biochemistry, haemathology ang blood gas analyzer. For its easy operation and fast results, minimum blood sample volume requirements, the use of native blood, highly reliabile of results and affordable examination prices, the manufacturers can without a second thought claim, their are among the leading companies in the world that produce veterinary in-house laboratory equipment.

Despite the great success, Abaxis always developes forward and tends to constantly upgrade and improve their offer to customers. Lately, they have expanded their range od services with quick diagnostic tests for the use in praxis and released a completely new model of haematology analyzer HM5 which has many new features!

Despite the huge range of in-house diagnostic equipment offered to vets, too many times we also become aware of the fact, that all tests sometimes necessary unfortunately is not possible to perform in a few minutes in small laboratory. To additionaly offer you a solution, Abaxis created a reference laboratory (AVRL – Abaxis Vetrinary Reference Laboratory) in U.S. State of Kansas. They are naturaly planning to expand this additional advantage to Europe.

However, besides diagnostics and laboratory exaiminations, Abaxis is also active in the educational field. One part of own educational activity is a publication, which is being published in printed and online eddition couple of times over the year. Articles in english bring interestng clinical cases, useful advice for practitioners, posts from natural parks all over the world and tips of upcoming educational events organized by Abaxis University. Thereby, Abaxis University represents the second wing of educational activity, which offers free online permanent education for veterinarians and their technitians. You can watch webinars over live stream, or later at the time that suites you best.

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